Discover the 5 Minute “PreTraining” Routine You can Install into Your Workout Today to Produce Elite Athleticism and Reduce the Most Common Injuries.


The problem with most warm-ups is that they are very generic

and usually end up mobilizing the muscle groups that are already flexible.

All while avoiding the muscles that tend to tighten on athletes

In addition, most warm-ups never “zero in” on activating the muscles that increase performance.

What this does is leave the athlete with weak muscles that they actually need to utilize in their sport.

Drastically decreasing their performance

I too, once used to perform these type of warm-ups.

I would mindlessly perform the same stretches and warm-up before every workout.

It wasn’t until I started taking my athleticism serious that I stumbled across 2 of the most useful tools for my workouts…

Mobilization & Activation

When I left Arizona after playing only a season of junior college football due to injury I came to work with my now business partner Elliott Hulse.

When I started training with him I was so anxious to get inside the warehouse gym and start flipping tires and bench pressing houses.

But what I quickly realized is my body just wasn't the same "well-oiled" machine it once was...

The injury I suffered to my shoulder was really holding me back.

I began having pains and kinks as I tried to perform typical football movements.

Elliott saw my drive and determination to get to the next level and developed a simple game plan to get me back to moving without pain.


He ran me through a very simple “Corrective Stretching Assessment”.

Now I thought I knew how to stretch but I realized real fast that I was doing it all wrong.

You see I always did the stretches that I learned growing up that our coaches made us do.

By doing these stretches over and over again aimlessly I was becoming flexible in all the muscles that were irrelevant to my injury and my body.

With this simple assessment I learned the muscles that were tight on my body causing muscular imbalances...

and ultimately determined the ONLY muscles I needed to stretch to bring my body into balance.

And instantly began increasing my performance.

This sounds simple I know,

but after following my personal stretches everyday before training I quickly started to not only feel better but felt as if my movements were way more efficient.

It was like I wasn’t fighting my own body to perform a simple squat.

I actually felt good and fluid, which lead to, you guessed it, BIGGER NUMBERS within weeks!

I thought this was magic and never looked back.

I still to this day re-assess myself using the same simple “Corrective Stretching Assessment” Elliott showed me years ago to stay strong, powerful, and avoid injury.



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Eliminating Injuries through Mobilization and Activation

My next experience in becoming an elite athlete came when I learned "Activation" techniques...

When I got into college I was fortunate to workout with my professor who was a former Division 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach.

What he showed me blew my mind away....

Instead of a generic warm up with jumping jacks or jogging

he ran me through a series of purposeful movements that were directed towards assisting our actual workout for that day.

When we did a power workout he would show me a series of hip activation drills that would strengthen my hips.

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It surprised me to feel my ass cheeks instantly sore after only one exercise.

We sat there that day and ran through a circuit of roughly 4 movements.

2 of them were "activation" drills that were meant to purposefully “turn on” the weak muscles we would be using in that workout.

2 of them were “Integration” exercises that were meant to connect the body making it more fluid and efficient.

Basically warming up the engine before we drive 100 mph

When we trained he taught me what he called “PreHab” movements.

PreHab was his term for exercises that actually were preventative of injury.

ReHab is movements that help you recover from injury

but PreHab were movements that help you avoid injury.

Makes perfect sense right?

The "PreHab" movements in my warm up allowed me to get more out of each training session.

This in turn increased my overall performance!

How to use "Mobilization" & "Activation" in your warm up

As I began coaching I utilized these same techniques with all my athletes.

What I noticed from all these young athletes was that the “PreTraining” Routine I developed...

began increasing their performance in the first week!

  • I used this on basketball players and saw immediate increases in vertical jumps.
  • I used this on swimmers and saw decrease in soreness in their shoulders which led to them training harder in the pool.
  • I used this on a football players who were coming back from knee injuries and within 5 months were running their fastest 40 ever!

It was amazing to see the changes in these athletes

Just from a simple 5 minute routine they perform before we got into the workout.

This is why I present to you... Athletic Symmetry

Through the years I have formulated a plan to take the most effective Mobilization and Activation drills to help you instantly increase your performance.

In Athletic Symmetry, you will discover the roots of muscular imbalances and

which ones you may have that are literally robbing you of performance.

From here, we will dive into developing and structuring a simple "PreTraining" Routine that you will build completely custom to you!

Part 1 is centered around a basic and simple Corrective Stretching Assessment

This simple assessment allows you to quickly target your tight muscles all from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t need a fancy physical therapist here to heal you.

All you need is a quick test to determine the overactive muscles that are decreasing your performance.

Part 2 is plugging in simple "PreHab" movements based off your training day

I’ve made videos of myself coaching the most effective movements I use here with my athletes.

I’ve weeded out all the unnecessary circus exercises you see and teach you how to perform basic movements that will directly increase your athleticism.

Finally, Athletic Symmetry gives you a simple template to easily plug in the movements based on your training for that day.

If you are working upper body I show you how to carefully devise your plan based on how to get the most out of each training session.

Exact same goes for lower body including movements that will “turn-on” the muscles that will create a higher level of athleticism.

For the first time I'm giving you my "Secret Weapon" to developing Elite Athletes


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